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Windsor’s Polaris Recording Studios, is one of Motown's last remaining relics of the recording industry.  We are committed to giving you the very finest professional recording experience possible.

We treat all of our clientele with passionate devotion and with respect  to the artist's vision.  We strive to give our artists every conceivable edge, incorporating the talents of the music industry's most promising current singers/songwriters, engineers, and producers.

We offer complete recording packages for singers, musicians, businesses, many other organizations and charitable initiatives.

We are equipped with a full spectrum of digital recording capabilities in Pro Tools HD.  We also offer analogue recordings for those who would like the warm smack tape sound.  The Engineers and Producers at Polaris are passionate about continuing their education, and diligent in updating their knowledge and gear.  Keeping them three paces ahead of the game.  We use nothing but the very best equipment available in the industry today.

    Title                                Artist                                       Album                                         Genre                                        

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Rise As A Nation                 Spirit of a Nation                      Single                                        Musical Sound Track

Old School Mind State         King Lynxx                               Single                                         Hip Hop

You Reign                          Ebony Omar                              Single                                        R&B Gospel

Music Is My Everything       Word Smith Ft. Victoria York      Single                                        Hip Hop    

Camo                                 Lorenzo Brown                          Single                                        Funk/Soul                                       

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